Kasey Egleston

Kasey Cowan
1st kyu Brown Belt

Ms. Cowan began her martial arts training at age 11 in American Tae Kwon Do with Al Garza in Dickinson, Texas.  High school and college interfered with her pursuit of this ancient practice, but she always remembered the enjoyment and sense of accomplishment it brought.  She jumped at the opportunity to restart her training as an adult at Fulshear Family Karate.   She has blocked, kicked, and locked her way to Brown Belt over the past 3 years, working alongside her three children, all of whom have a similar passion for martial arts.

Ms. Cowan earned a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Houston, and she is a Business Operations Manager for a software company.  She has served on numerous volunteer committees and church boards within the community.  In addition to martial arts, Ms. Cowan enjoys gardening, wine tasting, cooking, and science fiction movies.

It is never too late to follow a dream!